If you are preparing for a trip to France or another French-speaking area of the world, I offer private French tutoring in the Seattle area for all levels, ranging from the absolute beginner up through advanced conversation, culture, travel skills, and French history.  

I offer my students a unique method of working with small building blocks of language which we will continually reassemble into new sentences so that you can express your own thoughts from the very first lesson, and not simply memorize set phrases.  

I have spent a lot of time on the streets of Western Europe, and I understand what it really takes to communicate with the local people.  I am passionate to share my knowledge!

I often tell students that speaking another language is 5% words and 95% confidence.  I will help you to develop that confidence from within by learning this beautiful language as a platform for your own personal growth.  


As a side note, I also teach private Italian lessons, too!  Please check out my other website at